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NMU Speech-Language & Hearing Virtual Clinic

Project News/Updates:

2009 April 20th

Second incarnation of nmuspeechpath.html goes online. This version includes a revamped layout and new tabs for demonstration videos and a news/updates page. These changes were scheduled for the 16th, but a severe internet outage delayed the update.

2009 March 27th

Demonstration videos and live demo of the NMU S-L&C clinic are shown at the MSHA Conference.

2009 March 25th

Textures for the commemorative Van Riper mailbox created and applied. Chat bots retextured in conjunction with their assigned personalities (one nurse and one middle-schooler). All this and more, plus demonstration videos for the MSHA conference, were recorded and edited during a marathon 38 hour period. Audiology Suite furnished two days prior. Bilo's original test scripts finalized next day on the 26th.

2009 March 19th

Sculpted 3D scene with texture baked renders successfully brought into Second Life as part of the "Fact-cicle" ice cave on platform 2 of the Iceberg/Isle of Stuttering. The Fact-cicles, scripted by Bilo, rendered and put in place the next day.

2009 March 9th

Pitch Change Animation successfully brought into Second Life and applied to sculpted larynx shapes.

2009 March 7th

Special demonstration video showcasing the interactive multiple-choice tests recorded and edited for the Project Director's IRB Proposal.

2009 March 4th

Epiglottic Inversion Animation successfully brought into Second Life and applied to sculpted larynx shapes.

2009 February 28th

Bilo begins work on a special test for use by the Project Director's interactive learning research study.

2009 February 23rd

Breathing Cycle Animations successfully brought into Second Life and applied to sculpted larynx shapes.

2009 February 20th

Cartiligenous and intrinsic model of the new larynx created as part of a brand new model in Second Life located at sky level. This model (dubbed Larynx B) will contain breathing, swallowing, and pitch change animations. Larynx B also clearly displays the conus elasticus and quadrangular membrane.

2009 February 19th

Larynx 2.0 (dubbed Larynx A) completed and situated at ground level within Second Life.

2009 February 2nd

3D modelling of Larynx 2.0, a completely new, more complex and cleaner looking model than in place, begins.

2009 January 15th

Project submitted for consideration for the first-ever Linden Prize. Top 10 finalists announced by the end of April. Animated vocal folds put in place three days later on January 18th.

2009 January 13th

Original nmuspeechpath.html, subarea of, created as part of the documentation requirements for the Linden Prize.

2009 January 10th

Original larynx model completed within Second Life. Bilo's initial scripts for multiple choice tests created next day on the 11th and put in place several days later.

2009 January 3th

Second Life user Bilo Bellic is hired to program the interactive testing systems for my anatomical models.

2008 December 28th

Project Director's real life office constructed within Second Life. Wall textures realligned for accurate and proportioned lighting. Main entrance area rebuilt and finished. Special shaders updated across the building.

2008 December 22nd

Special Theater room with rendered lighting completed with Second Life.

2008 December 21st

Materials/Storage room replica completed with Second Life.

2008 December 18th

Kitchen/Daily Activity Center replica completed within Second Life.

2008 December 14th

3D modelling of the larynx begins.

2008 December 8th

As part of their final exam, each student uploaded three PowerPoint slides for presenting within Second Life. These slides were positioned at each of the fourteen platforms of the Iceberg/Isle of Stuttering.

2008 December 5th

I was asked to speak in front of a class of about thirty students for an hour and a half in relation to the NMU Speech & Language clinic; special topics of discussion focused around my personal involvement with the real life program several years prior as a recipient of the clinic's services.

2008 November 28th

Metaphorical Iceberg of Stuttering, based on Joseph Sheehan's work, completed with 14 platforms and corresponding teleport displays. However, instead of a traditional iceberg, the subject of the presentation was broadened and geographically isolated to a parcel turned island in memory of Dr. Lon Emerick's work and famous "Isle of Stuttering." Levels are constructed in 3D space indicative to the linear order in which the information would be learned by traditional means. User content to be determined.

2008 October 16th

Audiology suite and access hallway, along with several treatment rooms, completed but unfurnished. Construction slowed until grant funding official in favor of general support roles, such as teaching the Project Director basic building, terraforming, and texturing techniques. Major construction to continue in roughly 30 days.

2008 October 4th

Replica of the real world Speech-Langauge & Hearing Clinic lobby completed within Second Life. Rough facade for a new building exterior put in place near the main entrance. Cohort room placed as the only room on the second floor, located above entrance. Region also suffered a dramatic terraforming accident thanks to a user incorrectly terraforming the island.

2008 September (Mid)

U.S. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration generously allow the use of the Second Earth 7 simulation to construct the Northern Michigan University Speech-Language & Hearing Virtual Clinic within Second Life.