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This island was Northern Michigan University's first foray into virtual worlds. Constructed during the first half of 2008, students who were teaching high school science across the Midwest used the building for their online cohorts. A biome is a self-contained ecosystem, so I had the idea of two very different halves of a building becoming unified through the use of water and plants. The building's shell wraps around a large tree that houses exhibits relating to the biological tree of life. The white textures also reflect the ambient light of the environment.

The build was my first to recieve international recognition. I also recieved my first award: NMU's 2008 TLC Student Award for Technical Sophistication and Excellence. As a prominent feature of the SciLands continent within Second Life, educators from around the world attended several science-oriented talks on the island. Below is a snapshot of one of the talks:

I later created a miniature version of Biome that was part of Second Life's fifth birthday exhibit: